Teus van der Stelt is a passionate director, lighting composer and video artist. Since 1993 Teus has been involved in numerous productions in concert halls, theaters and in national and international festivals. He started his career on stage where he played several characters in theater productions and television series. As a director he was involved in more than 30 musical theater pieces.
One time, while working on a theater play with a very small budget, Teus decided to make his first lighting design. In the following years Teus further developed his talent and expanded his knowledge. He now was repeatedly invited to make lighting designs for others.

His work is characterized by authenticity, subtle adjustments, timing and creativity. He ‘breaths’ with the artists, improvises and creates a connection between the music, the musicians, the surroundings and the audience.


Crossing boundaries

Director, Lighting designer, lighting artist, lighting composer…. The activities of Teus van der Stelt are difficult to frame. With his company Lumiteus, Teus van der Stelt works at the boundary of lighting design, light and video art and lighting improvisation. He is often referred to as a lighting composer. When he is invited to create a design, he first researches the music, the location of the performance and the ensemble, before creating a lighting concept. During the performance Teus is present to control the images on the spot. He improvises with light, moving subtly with the music, with much attention to detail and an excellent sense of timing. He ‘breaths’ with the musicians, causing the audience to be engulfed by the music and thus deepening their experience.


Teus has performed at Bachfest Leipzig and festival Bosch 500. He has worked with (a.o.) composer/director Tan Dun, Asko/Schönberg Ensemble, Janine Jansen, Frederieke Saeijs, Combattimento Consort and numerous orchestras such as the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, the Gelders Orkest, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, the Metropole Orchestra and the orchestras of the broadcasting company. Furthermore, he creates lighting designs for productions of Avro/Tros, NTR, Monteverdi.tv and the Magische Muziekfabriek.


Tan Dun composer/conductor
‘He’s a real artist.’

Berget Lewis singer
‘Since Teus is around, I feel comfortable on stage.’

Pepijn Cladder director
‘I met Teus in Radio Kootwijk at the almost-on-location-opera ‘Die sieben Todsünden’ (Weill/Brecht) during the NJO Muziekzomer 2016. With very little time to create a lighting plan, let alone the possibility to rehearse extensively in this beautiful sun lit room, Teus was my rock. His enormous input, extensive knowledge and especially his pleasant and professional way of working and communicating, turned the production into a huge success. I have never in so little time, with so little means and such a drive to succeed in making a great production, accomplished so much with a lighting designer who is also a damned good technician. Teus is a solid and  very competent lighting designer and great to work with. As far as I’m concerned ‘Die sieben Todsünden’ is not the last opera or musical theater production I have made with Teus.’

Margrith Vrenegoor director
'As a director I have worked with Teus on many occasions and in all possible working conditions; from productions with great financial means to very complex productions with little possibilities. Teus is able to capture the essence of a production and to translate it into lighting compositions in very little time. His lighting plan is not an isolated design, it always adds a new dimension to the production. Also when there are little means. This is a remarkable quality that is not common among lighting designers.'

Marc Versteeg Artistic Manager of the Bosch Requiem
'I met Teus van der Stelt from ‘Lumiteus’ seven years ago when I was Artistic Manager of the Bosch Requiem, a production of Stichting Jheronimus Bosch 500. These much talked about concerts, held at St. John’ Cathedral of ’s-Hertogenbosch, were directed for television and dvd registration. The excellent lighting design of Lumiteus was one of the reasons these concerts and recordings received so much praise. Lighting designer Teus van der Stelt is conducive to the music and to the historical space of the cathedral. While never taking away from the content, his lighting designs make for an awesome atmosphere every single year.'

Video art

foto's: Rene Knoop



Magische Muziekfabriek

Metropole Orkest en Percossa

Foto's : Peter Lodder

NJO Muziekzomer

Jong Metropole orkest
Foto's : Nic Limper

Pulse Wave

Berichten uit het kamp

NJO Muziekzomer 2017 Foto's : Roelof Rump

NJO (Mahler 6)

foto's: Roelof Rump

Die sieben Todsünden

foto's: Roelof Rump



Teus van der Stelt

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